Squared Circle Action Figure Podcast

Pandemonium From Start to Finish! Episode 20

November 14, 2020

We're almost half way there!!! (1:33) We provide all the details of our YouTube Live Stream The Ultimate Wrestling Figures of 2020. (5:01) Check out our break down of the Ringsidefest Q&A! (25:24) AEW Unrivaled Collection Series 2 Woe is Me! (13:57) The Gorilla Position is All Elite, Unrivaled, Collection, Series, Figures 3 (37:37) The Genius of the Sky makes the list & is an OMG Figures of 2020! (51:47) What? What? What? Yep, you heard it another What? Question of the Week! (58:48) The Main Event takes you back to a Thanksgiving Day Tradition. A Survivor Series 1990 match watch along & it's ULTIMATE! (108.20) 

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