Squared Circle Action Figure Podcast

Burning the Midnight Oil Episode 25

December 19, 2020

We review our first ever YouTube Live Stream The Ultimate Wrestling Figures of 2020. (5:25) Star Wars & Wrestling??? It's relevant!!! (10:35) The boys then start breaking down wrestling figures starting with Micro Brawler (19:38) Will is upset about an Ultimate edition coming to the collection! (33:08) Will & Joe then pay their respects to the Human Wrecking Machine (42:42) The Gorilla Position is a mark out session with AEW Unrivaled Collection Series 3. (50:50) The OMG Figure of the Week 2020 is down to #3 & it's TOO SWEET!!! (1:06:13) The Main Event is a little TLC before the holidays and that's not Tender Love and Care! (1:14.34) 

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