Squared Circle Action Figure Podcast

Christmas Countdown Episode 24

December 12, 2020

We provide all the details of our YouTube Live Stream The Ultimate Wrestling Figures of 2020. (2:15) The boys then go to therapy after Joe has some Toy Show stories and BCA Christmas stories, oh my!!! (9:26) Will is following Joe down the rabbit hole with WWE Deluxe Classic Superstars! (29:50) It's STING!!! (33:54) Thw Gorilla Position is number 8 Elite. (41:34) The OMG Figure of the Week 2020 is winding down & we induct an Anvil (55:48) It's back!!! Ho Ho Ho ECW Massacre on 34th St. & the Three Way dance between The ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino w/ Jack Victory, Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible w/ Francine is this weeks Main Event! (105.26) 

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